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4-to-7-Year-Old Birthday Party

A birthday party for your 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old! How exciting!

4- to 7-Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Children in this age group enjoy almost all birthday parties that we host at Kids Kustom Parties in Palatine, IL.

In late preschool, kindergarten, and primary grades, children are more self-sufficient than in earlier years. These children are accustomed to organized activities with a splash of their own creativity.

They’re rarely afraid of masked characters that may, for example, frighten a two-year-old. In fact, boys and girls in this age group really thrive on fun party characters and themes. They love interacting with the characters throughout the entire party.

They also really enjoy the photo booth and props, obstacle courses, tattoos, our 4-station hair and nail salon and more! Prize games, tug-of-war, volleyball, musical chairs, Freeze dance, and crafts are also appreciated by this age group. They enjoy balloon artists and other kids entertainment for parties.

4-to 7-Year Old Birthday Themes

You know your child best! There are no hard and fast rules about different themes at different ages. You’ll want to choose a party theme that engages and entertains the guest of honor and his or her friends. Some themes that seem to be particularly attractive to this age group include:

Please note, we can also divide the room and provide two “separate” parties. For example, we can offer a superhero experience on one side of the room and a princess party on the other. This often works well when the guest list is more diverse. For example, it’s a great option for multi-age and multi-gender parties.

Keep in mind that four-year-old children may enjoy many of the same birthday parties as three-year-old-children. By contrast, seven-year-olds may enjoy the themes of tween birthday parties, such as a Star Wars theme.


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